Sunday, 24 May 2015
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We received this e-mail from Okanagan Hockey Academy UK :

On behalf of everyone connected with Okanagan Hockey Academy UK, I would like to say a huge thanks to you and your team for the fine tournament you arranged during the past weekend.
We were very impressed as always with the level of organisation and we are truly thankful for our invitation.
We hope that we did the tournament justice and we look forward to hopefully joining you in Riga in the near future.

As we discussed over the weekend, I would also like to extend an invitation to any teams that wish to travel to the UK. We would have pleasure in playing any teams from outside the UK and I would be more than happy to arrange other games for them whilst in the UK.

Kind regards





On Tuesday, April 21st we've invited 65 children including a few teachers from Raiskuma to experience a beautiful day in Riga. Our busdriver picked up the children at 9.00 hrs for their drive to Riga. At 11.00 hrs we had an appointment with Cinemon Cinema at the Alfa shopping mall for the 3D movie Suklis Bobs, or, as we all know it; Spongebob. After a delicious lunch at McDonalds we went to the Zoo. The children were divided into several groups and each group went with a teacher into the Zoo. And again what did they enjoy it! We also had the luxury of beautiful weather, the sun was shining. Life can be so beautiful! To end this great day we drove to Bellevue Park Hotel. There was a delicious buffet waiting for the children. But this was not all... Thanks to KH Sanok there was another surprise waiting. Hundreds of stuffed animal toys. This was (I guess) the biggest surprise! Stretched out on a long table, loads and loads of them where waiting to be picked by the children.  What a treat that was!!!!

Wednesday, April 22nd, we've invited all the kids of Orphanage Dzeguzite from Irsi to come to Riga. At 08.00 hrs our busdriver was there to pick up the 46 children including a few teachers for this trip. Our first stop was at Volvo Arena in Riga, where the children could skate for almost 2 hours with disco lights and disco music! For the lunch we drove to Mc Donalds in the old town of Riga. After the lunch we walked to Forum Cinemas, to watch the 3D movie Yellowbird. The kids loved every second of it and for the most kids it even was their first 3D experience!! After all this great positive emotions and new experiences we went to ZELTA bowling for 1,5 hour of fun! The children were divided into 8 groups and every group had their own lane to compete against eachother and most of all; a lot of fun! The day was ending at Bellevue Park Hotel, where a great diner buffet was ready for them. After the dinner all children received a personal bag full of presents, it seemed like Christmas with all those gifts in there. We also loaded the bus full with clothes, shoes and toys.

Thanks go out to a lot of wonderful people, because of them we were able to organize an amazing day for the children of Raiskums and Dzeguzite! A massive and big thanks to all players, coaches and parents of the teams who brought us so many gifts! Also a massive big thanks to all the wonderful people in the Netherlands for all their gifts! A massive big thanks to Cinemon Cinema and Forum Cinemas for offering the children the 3D movies. A big thanks to McDonalds at Alfa shopping center and McDonalds in the old town for offering all children a Happy Meal! Thanks to Volvo Arena, thanks to the Zoo of Riga and thanks to ZELTA bowling for offering the children this great experience! A massive big thanks to Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, for offering the children the wonderful buffet!!! And last but not least, thank you Agnese Grundberga for making all preparations and Martins Aise for making the beautiful pictures!!

I think we can be so proud that we are in a position to offer those children one day filled with joy and happiness! This way we hopefully are able to make positive memories for them. All those things are quite normal for us, but for those children they are very special! The smile on the faces of all those children is just one thing... PRICELESS! Once again, thanks to all of you, without you we wouldn't be able to do all this. All together we did a great job!!!!! Thank you all




Our partner hotels requires all check in information not later than 1 week before arrival, so they can prepare everything before arrival to guarentee a smooth check in.We kindly request you to complete the registration sheet and return it to us not later than 1 week before your arrival.


During the 2015 edition of the Riga Cup we will use Maritim Park Hotel and Tomo Hotel as our main hotels. Furthermore we will use Avalon Hotel Hotel and Wellton Elefant Hotel as back-up hotels when Maritim Park and Tomo are fully booked.

website's of the hotels:

Bellevue Park Hotel Riga: www.bellevue.lv
Tomo Hotel: www.tomo.lv
Avalon Hotel: www.hotelavalon.eu
Wellton Elefant Hotel : www.elefanthotel.lv


During the 2015 edition of the Riga Cup we will use Volvo Arena as main Arena. Furthermore games will be played in Inbox Arena, Ozo Halle and PSL Arena (formerly known as Akademija) as well.

Additional information about the Arenas:

Volvo Arena:
Adress: Jūrmalas gatve 78d - Riga
website: www.volvoledus.lv

Inbox.lv Arena:
Adress: „Ledus halle” - Piņķi (Babītes pag., Babītes novads)
website: www.inboxledushalle.lv

PSL Arena:
Adress: Brīvības gatve 333 - Rīga
website: www.pslledus.lv

Ozo Halle:
Address: Stadiona iela 5b - Ozolnieki
website: www.ozoledushalle.lv


For those looking for information regarding public transportation:


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On this site you will find all information about our tournaments, tournaments rules, invitations, application forms, results, history and additional information about Latvia and Riga.

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