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Charity Projects

Dzeguzite Day 2015

Wednesday, April 22nd, we've invited all the kids of Orphanage Dzeguzite from Irsi to come to Riga. At 08.00 hrs our busdriver was there to pick up the 46 children including a few teachers for this trip. Our first stop was at Volvo Arena in Riga, where the children could skate for almost 2 hours with disco lights and disco music! They had loads and loads of fun!!! For the lunch we drove to Mac Donalds in the old town of Riga. Almost 50 happy meals including Coca Cola and balloons were served to the children. For us it's a normal thing, but for them it's a real treat!

After the lunch we walked to Forum Cinemas, to watch the 3D movie Yellowbird. The kids loved every second of it and for the most kids it even was their first 3D experience!!

After all this great positive emotions and new experiences we went to ZELTA bowling for 1,5 hour of fun! The children were divided into 8 groups and every group had their own lane to compete against eachother and most of all; a lot of fun! The day was ending at Bellevue Park Hotel, where a great diner buffet was ready for them. After the dinner all children received a personal bag full of presents, it seemed like Christmas with all those gifts in there. We also loaded the bus full with clothes, shoes and toys.

This was more than an excellent day filled with positive emotions and we really hope the children will never forget this day!

Big thanks to everyone for making those children their dreams come true! A special thanks to a lot of wonderful people who made it able to organize such a memorable day for the children of  Dzeguzite. A massive and big thanks to all players, coaches and parents of the teams who brought us so many gifts! Also a massive big thanks to all the wonderful people in the Netherlands for all their gifts! Furthermore we want to thank VOLVO Ledus Halle for offering the ice (and skates). We also want to thank Forum Cinemas for offering the children the 3D movie Yellowbird. Thanks to Mac Donalds in the old town for offering all children a happy meal! Thanks to ZELTA bowling for making a special offer and a big, big thanks to Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Elīna Kaktiņa and Ieva Ozola for offering the children the wonderful buffet!!! And last but not least thank you so much Agnese Grundberga for making all preparations and thank you Martins Aise for making all those beautiful pictures during the skating session, the bowling and at the dinner in Bellevue Park Hotel!

I think we can be so proud we are all in a position to offer the children one day of happiness and joy, even if it's just for one day a year! Hopefully this way we are able to make positive memories for them, one they will never forget. All those things are quite normal for us! But for those children they are very special! The smile on the faces of those children: priceless!!! Once again, thanks to all of you, without you we wouldn't be able to do all this. All together we did a great job!!!!! Thank you all

Raikums Day 2015

On Tuesday, April 21st we've invited 65 children including a few teachers from Raiskuma to experience a beautiful day in Riga. The official name of the children home is Raiskuma speciālā internātpamatskola - rehabilitācijas centrs. Their home is located in Raiskums near Cesis about 90 km. from Riga. This is a big house with more than 100 children in the age from 7 till 17 years. Fifty percent of those children are physically ill and fifty percent are mentally ill (and some children both). They have a beautiful house, where they both live and go to school. Most of those children have parents, but sadly enough most of them don't look after them anymore! Our busdriver picked up the children at 9.00 hrs for their drive to Riga. At 11.00 hrs we had an appointment with Cinemon Cinema at the Alfa shopping mall for the 3D movie Suklis Bobs, or, as we all know it; Spongebob. Cinemon Cinema even gave us a private auditorium! The children really loved and enjoyed every second of the movie. Can you imagine that there are children who have never been to a cinema?!?! If we are honest, actually not!  Sadly (most) of these children have never been to a movie theater and have never seen a 3D movie! So Partytime for them!! After the movie we went to the Mac Donalds in the Alfa shopping mall. The moment we came down from the cinema, the Happy Meals were already ready on the tables. So a 3D movie, Coca Cola, Happy Meals and balloons. That's a real party for them! The smile on the faces of those children is just priceless!

After their delicious lunch we went to the Zoo. The children were divided into several groups and each group went with a teacher into the Zoo. And again what did they enjoy it! We also had the luxury of beautiful weather, the sun was shining. Life can be so beautiful!

To end this great day we drove to Bellevue Park Hotel. There was a delicious buffet waiting for the children. But this was not all... Thanks to KH Sanok there was another surprise waiting. Hundreds of stuffed animal toys. This was (I guess) the biggest surprise! Stretched out on a long table, loads and loads of them where waiting to be picked by the children.  What a treat that was!!!!

While the children were enjoying the dinner, we loaded the bus of Raiskumi with clothing, toys and shoes. We were able to do this, because of the support of a lot of teams, players, parents and coaches and of course our friends in the Netherlands!!!!

Thanks go out to a lot of wonderful people, because of them we were able to organize an amazing day for the children of Raiskums. A massive big thanks to Cinemon Cinema, for offering the children the 3D movie Spongebob. Thanks to McDonalds at Alfa shopping center for offering all children a Happy Meal! Thanks to the Zoo of Riga and a massive big thanks to Kaktiņa Elīna and Ieva Ozola of the Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, for offering the children the wonderful buffet!!! And last but not least, thank you so much Agnese Grundberga for making all preparations!!

I think we can be so proud that we are in a position to offer those children one day filled with joy and happiness! This way we hopefully are able to make positive memories for them. All those things are quite normal for us, but for those children they are very special! The smile on the faces of all those children is just one thing... PRICELESS!



Dzeguzite Day 2014

Tuesday, April 15th, we invited all kids from Orphanage Dzeguzite from Irsi to Riga. So at 08.30 hrs our busdriver was there to pick up the children for this trip. Our first stop was at Dirty Dela Theatre (http://dirtydeal.lv/teatro/), to see the play Baltā grāmata. Dirty Deal Teatro is an open platform for young theatre professionals. Baltā grāmata means  white book.  The play is performed  by two actors. The play is about an enthusiastic boy Jancuks, who is a traveler.  One of the actors is reading the white book and they invite us to follow and be a part in there events and feelings. Every time when everything becomes clear, there is a miracle and the world remains a mystery. Step by step the children were invited to become members and creators of the show their selves. The theatre became dark..... all the children had to lie down on the grass and watch the stars in the summer night, while one player was telling a story. At the end the children had to sit around glowing candles and when the story came to the end, there were all stars projected on the walls!!! What a great performance and what a lot of fun for the children. After this theatre visit it was time for a  lunch in Hotel Konventa Seta.  All kind of delicious pizza’s were waiting for the children and of course a lot of Coca Cola. For us quite regular, but for those children a real treat!

After the lunch we went to Galleria Riga. There was an excursion planned in Zili Brinumi (http://www.zilibrinumi.lv/p/par-c.html).  A Children's,  Science & Curiosity center named "Wonders".  Curiosity is the key to the knowledge. Knowledge explains the wonders. Can we move objects without touching them? Can small people look big and can long people look small? Can we walk through the walls? The kids of Dzeguzite now know the answers to that questions. It was like a paradise for them. After the excursion in Zili Brinumi we went next door to the exhibition What is music. Music is a tool of communication : through music people share their emotions . The music created together and enjoyed together : it unite people . And finally, the music is the mode of expression , because we choose to listen to the story of who we are. This exhibition is created by professionals in cooperation with scientists to demonstrate the music and the sound of the world's diversity. Here is the environment in which visitors can actively participate in and learn about exposure - pushing buttons, beating drums , playing air guitar, composing , beating the rhythm and otherwise working with a variety of exhibits . The kids loved every second of it!!!

At last, after all this great positive emotions and new experiences, we went to Maritim Park Hotel, for a great dinner buffet. After the dinner all children received a personal bag full with presents, and we loaded the bus full with clothes, shoes and toys. This was more than an excellent day filled with positive emotions and we sincerely hope the children will never forget this day!

A big thanks to everyone for making those childrens their dreams come true! A special thanks to Agnese Grundberga, Maritim Park Hotel, Liga Elsina-Zuicena, Elīna Kaktiņa, 
Konventa Sĕta, Dirty Dela Theatre, players of Baltā Grāmata, photograph Martins, Pelimatkat Travel and of course all the people  who brought us so many nice gifts!!!! All together we did a great job!!!!!



In May 2014 Līga Elsiņa-Zuicena from the Conference & Banqueting Department from Maritim Park Hotel Riga went to our last two charity projects : Orphanage Raiskums and the St. John's church in Cesis to deliver all goods you brought with you! This is the reaction of Liga :On 17th of May was already the 3rd charity day for Cesis St. John's church! Last week I called to Raiskums school and Baiba was very happy to receive my call!They kindly wished to have childrens' sport clothes, shoes and tableware. When we arrived at Cesis the sorting of the things started. In the afternoon we arrived at the Raiskums school, it is located in a very beautiful, peaceful and green place called "Raiskums" which is the name of lake. When we arrived, all the children run out and helped us to carry the things to the storage room. It was amazing! We got a sweet present – chocholate. As we arrived on Saturday unfortunately we did not meet Baiba and the director, but the lady on duty was very welcoming! The diaconry of the St. John's church Vaira Novicka arrived from Riga to Cesis at 20:00, she was so kind to accept us at this late hour. She was happy for the 3rd donation, especially about the childrens' toys.

On 25th of May 2014 in St. John's church there will be a prayer held for The EITC Tournaments 10th year anniversary and everyone who donated and participated. All of you can join the prayer in their thoughts on 25th of May 11:30-12:30 (Latvian local time).I would like to thank to the EITC Tournament (personally to Jacqueline Stolze and Angelo Bomius) for bringing together all the people who were involved: participants of the Tournament, my colleagues, my family, company Maxmoto. We all have made lot of peoples' lifes easier and happier.

And we hope we can count on you again in 2015!!

Dzeguzite Day 2013

Tuesday, April 23th, we invited all kids from Orphanage Dzeguzite from Irsi to Riga. So at 08.00 hrs our busdriver was there to pick up the children for this trip. Our first excursion was at the set of ''Ugunsgreks". A very popular daily soap on the Latvian television. The children were so excited, because they recognized almost all rooms and they could not believe they were actually there! When this soap is on television, it is the only time in Dzeguzite that the children are quite, because the big ones are all watching the soap every evening. After this exciting moment we went to the Latvian Television, were we had an excursion. Our tourquide was Selga and she really did a great job! We saw the Studio were they are making the daily weather forecast. We also saw the Studio were they makes the programs for the children (everything is made out of carton). Furthermore the children had to make there own talkshow, someone made the weather forecast , some children got the chance to imitate one of the childrens programs on the original set and two children made there own play! It was so exciting as well as educational!!! After this great excursion it was partytime at Mac Donalds. All children got a happy-meal and a ballon. Can you imagine that it was (for most of the children) the first time they ever went to a Mac Donalds?

After the lunch we went to cinema Multikino, to see a 3D movie, called Krudi (In English Croods). Only to wear the glasses was al so exciting for the children! The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever. This was the first time for all the children to experienced a 3D movie. Can you imagine that? Twenty years old, or 18 or 17, and you never saw a 3D movie? After all this great positieve emotions and new experiences, we went back to Maritim Park Hotel, for a great dinner buffet. After the dinner all children received a personal bag full with presents, and we loaded the bus full with clothes, shoes and toys.

This was more than an excellent day filled with positive emotions and we sincerely hope the children will never forget this day!

A big thanks to everyone for making those childrens their dreams come true! Especially Jaako from Pelimatkat Travel, Liga Elsina-Zuicena and Elīna Elīna Kaktiņa from Maritim Park Hotel, the staff of Ugunsgreks, Selga from the Latvian Television, Mac Donalds (Vienibas Gatve) and Cinema Multikino, Riga Plaza and last but not least we want to thank Agnese Grundberga for making all the arrangements and appointments.


Raiskums Day 2013

Wesnesday April 24th, we invited almost 60 children of Raiskums from Cesis to visite us in Riga. First we went to the Botanical Gardens. In 1923 the Botanical Garden opened for excursions and displays 1500 plant species. The garden with collections of plants, landscapes and wooden architecture with national significance is one of the most important park-like objects in Riga. It is the only place in Latvia where bananas are grown and harvested. Now a days you can find there like 2600 plants species.
It was very impressive! Cacti, orchids, the most unusual plants as well as very old plants, banana trees, pineapple trees, ponds with fishes etc. The most impressive I think were the beautiful colors in the part with the blooming rhododendrons! What an amazing sight. So many colours red, pink, purple, white, really great! After the tour we went to the butterfly garden. Also amazing. From the beginning of this year they opened a butterfly house. There is very high humidity and the temperature is about +30 degrees. This year there hatched a big butterfly called - Attacus lorguinii. That is night butterfly, and wingspan is 24 cm. The Butterfly house is the only house in the Baltic were you can find tropical butterflies from South America, Asia and Africa. Butterflies with all different colors and sizes (from big to small), and they were so beautiful!

After this exciting morning program we went to Maritim Park Hotel for a very nice lunch buffet. After the lunch the children split up in two parts. One part went to the fire fighting museum in Riga. That was very impressing. The exposition on the first floor tells the history of development of fire fighting in Latvia. One can see fire fighters' helmets, tools, uniforms, hoses, pumps, fire vehicle „Chevrolet Six".

On the second floor exhibits depict the development of fire fighting till nowadays. One can learn also about the scientific research work of the Service, development of fire sports, the greatest fires and other catastrophies. In the Hall of Honour of Fire Fighters the visitors of the Museum can read the names of fire fighters who lost their lives while fighting fires, see the awards of fire fighters of various times. The other part went to the Airport for a tour. This was a big wish of some children and we try to arrange that last year as well. Then, it did not work out because of a security check, but now we managed the tour for 20 kids. The kids had the time of there life and enjoyed every second of it.

At 16.00 hours two busses drove back to Raiskums and the children were very, very happy!!!!! By the way, during the lunch we also loaded the buss full of presents, clothes, shoes etc. for the children! It was an excellent day filled with positive emotions and we hope the children will never forget this day!

A big thanks to everyone for making those childrens dreams came true! Especially Jaako from Pelimatkat Travel, Liga Elsina-Zuicena and Elīna Kaktiņa from Maritim Park Hotel, the Botanical Garden Riga, the Butterfly House Riga, the Fire Fighting Museum Riga and the Airport Riga. And last but not least Agnese Grundberga!!!!



Dzeguzite Charity Day, May 21st 2012

On May 21st the children of Dzeguzite came to Riga for a professional photo-shoot in a studio, with a professional photographer, named Lauma Kalnina. Because we were home already,  Agnese Grundberga arranged everything. Thanks Agnese!!! First of all Agnese bought water and sweet small cakes for the kids when they arrived to the studio. Agnese thought that the children will be hungry after the long drive. All the kids were nicely dressed up and very excited. At first they were a bit shy but Lauma did a great job to make the kids feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Even Inga (the director of Dzeguzite) and the teachers were surprised! So, the pictures show how much the kids loved the session and how great Lauma did her work. Around noon Agnese went to Avalon hotel for the lunch boxes. They prepared very much and everything was very tasty. We ate in the studio and continued our photo session till 16. Then we slowly went to Maritim Park Hotel, but before that Lauma had a great idea to make one photo of all in front of the Daugava and Old Riga. This we did and went further to Maritim where we had a great dinner. The kids said thanks to Lauma, Agnese and Liga from Maritim! It was a great day. Now the only thing we had to do was waiting for the results!

Than something terrible happened. There was something wrong with the chip of the camera, so we lost some pictures (especially of the younger children)…… After talking with Inga, the director of Dzeguzite we decided to go to Dzeguzite to make some new pictures from the ones we lost!  On June 18th Agnese and Lauma went to Dzeguzite . Lauma has organized SOO many clothes! It was great! She was announcing to her friends that she will go to the orphanage and revised her wardrobe and lots of her friends as well! :-)We had very much fun in Dzeguzite with kids, youngsters and even the old people. We got a present from the kids: hats made of maple leaves. And even the small kids had great mood! In the first photo session they were a bit frightened. Agnese bought 25 frames for photos and made two photos for each kid: one black-and-white and the other in colors. So many pictures were great! Now Agnese has to make big photos for those kids, who were in the second photo session + a big album with almost all the pictures as they all are so great! This we will give to Inga (the director of Dzeguzite) mid of July, when she will come to Riga. Inga has not given the first pictures to the kids, she will wait till she has all the photos and she will make a nice event and give to everybody their pictures and photo frames. The studio, where we had the photo session in Riga, gave to the kids 10 big tables, one older but very good laptop, 5 office chairs. The buss was OVERloaded. We had to pack the goods even in the buss between the chairs. One picture will be attached where one of the kids is trying to get over the chairs to step out of the buss. :-)

We want to thank everyone again for making this an unforgettable day for the children of Dzeguzite!!!! A special thanks to Pelimatkat Sport travel , Avalon Hotel for the lunchboxes, Maritim Park Hotel for the dinner buffet, Lauma Kalnina the photographer and offcourse Agnese Grundberga for making all the arrangements! 

You can find the photos on our chapter Photos : Photo album Charity Latvia!

Raiskums Charity Day, April 25th 2012

In the afternoon of April 24th (so a few hours before the big Raiskums Charity Day) we got a telephone call from Riga airport that they cancelled the tour planned for Wednesday April 25th in the afternoon because of some security things. Ok, we don't understand it, but..... So we had to make new plans. Agnese Grundberga thank you so much for making all the new arrangements at such a short time!

At 9.00 hrs the bus picked the children up at Raiskums, an orphan house located near Cesis to bring the children to Riga for hopefully a great day. We started with a small excursion in the old town. We met at Ratslaukums square and made two groups, one group with guide Inguna Mote and one group with guide Gita Vigule (Inguna and Gita, thank you so much for your great jobs!!!). We learned a lot about Riga. Riga was founded at the mouth of the Daugava River in 1201 and since 1997 the central part of Riga has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Ratslaukums square is a very important square in Old Riga with its occupation museum. During World War II the square was completely destroyed. However, today the town hall has been completely restored, with the beautiful Blackheads. The house of Blackheads is built in the 14th century, destroyed in WWII and rebuilt again in 1999 as an exact copy of the original with a magnificent Dutch Renaissance. Furthermore we visited the oldest church of Riga, the St Jacob’s Church. St. Jacob’s Church was constructed in 1225 - 1226, but it has burnt down and been rebuilt many times. The tower is 73 meters high and has got a green copper roof. St Jacob’s Church belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, but has changed hands many times. For example in this church was the first Lutheran service in Latvia held here in 1522.  We also walked through Livu Square, the central square of the old town which is surrounded by beautiful buildings and we saw the Musicians of Bremen Statue. The Musicians of Bremen Statue  is strategically placed between three major churches in Riga, Saint Peter's, Saint John's and Saint George's churches. The German city of Bremen, by the way, is twinned to Riga and the statue is a 1990 gift from the German town. It is a bronze statue with the figures of four animals from the Musicians of Bremen's story: the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster. This statue is the exact replica of the statue in the city hall of Bremen. Students believe that when they touch the animals they will succeed in their studies. 100% by touching the rooster, 75% by touching the cat, 50% by touching the dog and 25% by touching the donkey!

After this exciting excursion we went for a lunch to Maritim Park Hotel. There was a delicious lunch-buffet waiting for the children (Thanks Maritim!!!). After the lunch we symbolically handed over one box of the donated goods to the direction of Raiskums and told the children that, when we were enjoying the great food, the bus driver and an employee of Maritim Park Hotel uploaded the bus with all the goods you donated! After the lunch Martins Aise  took a beautiful group picture (Thanks Martins!!) and then it was time to go to the Zoo. (After we solved some small problems with the wheelchairs, because of all the donated goods, there was not enough space for them anymore!!!!)

Riga Zoo is a city-owned zoo in Riga. It is located in Mežaparks, on the western bank of Ķīšezers lake. Riga Zoo houses around 3000 animals of nearly 500 species and is visited by 250-300.000 visitors annually. In 1908 a society was established to coordinate the formation of the zoo, and in April 1911, 16.4 ha (41 acres) of land was allocated for this purpose. The zoo was opened to the public on 14 October 1912; it housed 267 animals of 88 species at the time. Many animals were donated to the zoo; in 1914, the zoo received 538 animals. During World War I the zoo experienced hardships and closed in August 1917 after German army occupied Riga city; after the war a camp for children of low income families was established at the site. On 29 December 1932 a society was established, which renewed the zoo and it was reopened on 24 September 1933 housing 124 animals of 48 species; by 1938 number of species had increased to 106. During World War II the development of the zoo stalled; however, animals and buildings of zoo were preserved and on 9 November 1944 the zoo was opened to the public again. After the war, the zoo experienced rapid growth and was considered one of the best zoos in Soviet Union. In 1950, an aquarium was created and in 1955 a tour guide service was created. However, construction of new housing for the animals failed to match the growth of the zoo, new housing, such as a flamingo house and a bear house, were built in 1980-1985. In 1987, the zoo housed 2150 animals of 401 species. In 1988 the zoo began work on the reintroduction of the European tree frog; as a result, the species now can be found in the wild in many parts of Courland. After Latvia regained its independence in 1991, the zoo experienced hard times as the number of visitors, which had ranged from 250-300.000 visitors annually, was reduced to some 110,000. To attract visitors, the zoo began several development projects and worked on public relations and now the number of visitors is once again about 250-300.000 annually. It was a great experience and the children enjoyed it very much!

And last but not least we went to the movie Spogulit, spogulit, or translated in English : mirror, mirror. A comedy fantasy film based on the fairy tale "Snow White" with Julia Roberts. With red cheeks, drinks, snacks and for all the children a photo, the bus drove back to Raiskums at 18.15 hrs. The children of Raiskums had a perfect day, full with new, positive emotions. Thank you so much Cinamon Alfa, for donating 44 free tickets!!!!!! And thank you all so much for bringing over all the goods!! You make it possible for us to help those children! THANK YOU!!!

The day after we received an e-mail :


Today we received an e-mail of the director of Raiskums. She said that it was for her a great pleasure to welcome back so happy children! The kids had great new impressions, but nobody was tired after the long day. She says a big thanks to us all and hockey players as the good are sooo many and soo valuable for them! They had not time yet to see all the things through but already now they see so many things they really need! So A BIG THANKS!

You can find the photos on our chapter Photos : Photo album Charity Latvia!

CHARITY PROJECT NUMBER 3 : Cesis St. Johns church

Thanks to the enormous help of all teams, and thanks to a special request we received, we have decided to take another charity project. We are involved already in two Orphan houses : Dzeguzite from Irsi and Raiskums near Cesis.

Because we needed more space to store all the goods, we asked our hotel (Maritim Park Hotel) if they had an extra room or office available which we could use as a storage. This was no problem…. Than we got a request from Liga Elsina, employee of the Maritim Park Hotel. She asked help for the poor people in her home town Cesis. She told us as follows :

Cēsis is a beautiful town located in the northern part of Latvia. Just some years ago it had 20 000 inhabitants. Unfortunately because of crisis and lack of jobs, many of them had to leave to Riga or went abroad. Those people who stayed, very often do not have jobs or are pushed to work for low salaries. Especially it is hard for families with children. Unfortunately the state does not help them. The money which family gets for one child per month is 8.00 LVL (approx. 12 euro). That is why it is very important to help them to get things for daily living. Cēsis St. Johns church (Cēsu Svētā Jāņa baznīca) has a deaconry. To the deaconry belongs a charity room where are stored all kind of goods and everyone who needs goods can go there and take the necessary goods.

As we said before, thanks to the enormous help, we are in a great position we also can donate goods to Cesis St. Jons church. Liga brought the donated goods personally to Cesis. On May 8th 2012 we received the following e-mail from Liga :

I have brought all the things to St. Johns church deaconry room. The head of deaconry Vaira Novica says HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated their belongings to people who might not be that fortunate as we are. When I arrived, the first thing what Vaira told me was: "Yesterday a 5 years old bo...y came to deaconry and his wish was to get a toy. There was just one toy left in all the room and he asked me: "Vaira, is this the last toy?" I said: "Yes, the last one" and then he told me: "OK, then I will give it to my sister." This was the most touching story somebody has ever told me. His unselfishness paid back. The boy will get a nice toy for himself because YOU all have big heart. Good works always pay back. When you hear a story like this, you really understand that it was worth it!!!!! A very small photo impression. More photos you can find on chapter Photos : Photo Album Charity Latvia.

Our trip to Orphan house Dzeguzite, Irsi on April 24th 2012

On Tuesday April 24th 2012 we drove to Irsi with a minivan, loaded with clothes, shoes and presents for the 40 children who are living at this moment in Dzeguzite. The last time we were personally there was in August 2010. So nearly two years ago! One of the first things we noticed when we came there, was that the children who were in Riga last year, were reall...y happy to see us again! They made a special program for us. After tea and coffee the small children sang beautiful songs for us. Than we had to dance. After the singing and dancing we got a little tour through the house. The last two years, the people of Dzeguzite worked hard to upgrade their house, and they started new projects. The orphanage had already two departments. The orphanage itself and a Crisis Centre for families. The Crisis Centre offers the possibility to leave a child at the centre for maximum 2 months if there are financial problems in the family or another crisis occurring. The family can then have the ability to solve their problems as such as they can within the 2 months, and then take the child back home. If the problems still continue then the child can be transferred to the orphanage. At this moment in time there are about 29 children from the ages of 2 to 18 years old living in the orphanage and 11 are in the Crisis Centre for families. The smallest one is a baby from 3 month old…..

One of the new departments is for old people. Maximum 12 older people can live in Dzeguzite as well. At this moment 3 older people are living there and Friday April 27th there move another lady in. What also changed was the department for the bigger children. Children whom are almost 18 years, they got their own kitchen and dining room and they have to take care of everything by themselves. They learn to cook, and to clean and the managers are preparing those children for the real world. They special made pancakes for us! So that was a really nice surprise and very tasty!!!

After this program we unloaded our minivan and give all the clothes, shoes, skates, sticks, skeelers YOU brought us and off course, we had 40 personal bags. For each child one bag. In this bags were beautiful presents, mainly from my friends Karin and Nel from the Netherlands…… Thanks girls!!!! The children really appreciated it and they are looking forward to see us next year again……

It was a great day with a lot of positive emotions! On May 21st 2012 the children will come over to Riga for a special photo-shoot. So, we keep you updated!!!!

A very small photo impression. More photos you can find on chapter Photos : Photo Album Charity Latvia :

Charity projects Riga Cup 2012

After the great succes of last year, we have decided to adopt two projects again during the Riga Cup Tournaments 2012!
So, we hope you will help us the same way as you did last year!!! We (and the children) are counting on you!!!!!
We choose once again for Orphan House Dzeguzite. Then we choose for another project. In the beginning of November 2011 we visited Raiskuma speciālā internātpamatskola - rehabilitācijas centrs in Raiskums, near Cesis, 90 km. from Riga. This is a bigger house with more than 100 children in the age of 7 till 17 years. 50% of those children are physically ill and 50% are mentally ill (and some children are both). They have a beautiful house, where they both live and go to school. But............ most of those children have parents, but sadly enough most of them don't look after them anymore at all! (http://www.raiskumaintsk.edu.lv/).

So we have two goals for the Riga Cup Tournaments 2012 :
Our first goal is to try to make a memorable day for the children of Dzeguzite AND for the children of Raiskuma.
Our second goal is to try to get as many goods as possible for those children. There is among other urgent needs for winter clothes, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, moonboots, sportshoes, simple games, inline skates (skeelers), and basketballs type 5 and 6.

You can help us to make a donation to our account stating "charity projects" or you can bring goods for the children when you come to visit one of our tournaments!

20th April 2011 : Dzeguzite day

Wednesday, April 20th 2011 had finally come! The children of the orphanage Dzeguzite from Irsi came for a day trip to Riga. In the morning at 7.30 hrs the children were already picked up by a bus for a trip from approx 3 hours. At 10.00 hrs the bus arrived at the Volvo Arena. On the program was one hour of free skating. Because we had already the sizes of the skates, the children were in no time on the ice! And what a fun they had.... Most children never skated before... so yes, some of them felt down, but that did not spoil the fun! There were two little children who found it not so funny. But when they changed clothes they enjoyed watching especially the bigger children whom perform a great show. A number of the leading ladies also went on the skates!  The rink was reserved for one hour, but finally after 1.5 hours we had to pull off the biggest children of the ice!  They could not get enough of it. Great! After having a drink the bus took the children to Opera Hotel & Spa. In this hotel a lady of Prisma was waiting for the children (Prisma is a hypermarket in Riga) to offer the children of Dzeguzite 3 new bikes in different sizes. And there was more, since all the children were also offered a take a way box with some snacks and drinks for the trip back. Opera Hotel & Spa offered the children a lovely lunch and were personally greeted by its director Ms Everita Abolina. Also, the director of Orphanage Dzeguzite, Inga Kiegele thanked everyone for organizing this day and had some presents :  wonderfull homemade Easter bouquets and homemade birds, the Dzeguzite, because as we know now, the Dzeguzite is a bird, a cuckoo who leaves his egg in another’s birds nest.

After the appetizer and main course we had to leave quickly. (what about the dessert??) The next surprise was already on the program: the cinema. Fortunately it was just a short walk from the Opera Hotel & Spa. Cross (under) the road and you already in front of Forum Cinemas. We can not imagine that there are children who have never been in a cinema. Well these kids were never in a cinema before! The tickets were already bought in advance, so the only thing left was buying popcorn and cola (the dessert??). Then we went into the cinema. The movie was called Rio, a comedy adventure about taking a walk on the wild side. Blu is a domesticated Macaw who never learned to fly, living a comfortable life with his owner and best friend Linda in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota! Blu. Linda think Blu is the last of his kind, but she learn about another Macaw who lives in Rio de Janeiro. So they went to the far away exotic land to find Jewel, Blu’s female counterpart. Not long after they arrived, Blu and Jewel were kidnapped, by a group of bungling animal smugglers. With the help of street smart Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking and smooth-talking city birds, Blu escapes. Now with his new friends by his side, Blu will have to find the courage to learn to fly and to return to Linda, the best friend a bird ever had.
With red cheeks and a smile from one ear to the other ear, the children came after about 2 hours out of the cinema. After this exciting adventure we went back to Opera Hotel and Spa where our dessert, a delicious ice cream, still was waiting for us! The program was not over yet. After the ice-cream there was a guided walking tour through the old town. For the smallest ones, this tour might not be very interesting, but the intention was that we would show the children Riga. What's for sale in the world or specifically in Riga and what you can achieve when you really want to. When you want something, you have to do something for it! Do not think I am nothing; I have nothing, so you actually have to accept the situation you've stumbled unfortunately into. But this day was just to see and learn: I must do my best at school, because if I want something, than I can do it! And we, as organizers hope we have succeeded! That the children experienced lots of positive emotions! The walking tour ended at the bus, which then brought the children to Maritim Park Hotel. There was a delicious buffet for them. Pizza, French friends, spaghetti, croissants, everything children loves ... .... After the dinner there was still one last big surprise for the children. The organizers had previously received a list with clothing sizes and shoe sizes of the children. Because of the enormous positive cooperation of many players and parents of the participating teams in Riga Cup 2011 who brought us so many gifts, we were able to support all children to make a personal bag for each child containing at least one pair of shoes (but most of them 2 pair), with some clothes, a ball, a card game, a chain, some perfume, a picture frame, a toy, all depending on the age of the child. And we gave a few big boxes for sharing the children's home filled with blankets, towels and other things. So after dinner each child was called forward and everyone got his or her bag handed over. It was so awesome! The reactions we will never forget! The children thanked the organizers and told them what they enjoyed the most. It was very clear: the big children absolutely love the skating the most and the smaller children loved the movie the most! But actually they loved everything!

It was a great day! After dinner and taking the last pictures we had to say goodbye to the children! They had still a long trip to go before they arrived at there home. At last once again a big thanks to Oy Pelimatkat Travel (Finland), Fam. Stolze (Netherlands), Prisma (located in Riga Plaza), Prisma Kirkkonummi (Finland), Sportshop Kesselin Urheilukauppa from Kirkkonummi (Finland), Maritim Park Hotel (Riga), Opera Hotel & Spa (Riga), Avalon Hotel (Riga), Forum Cinema (Riga), SIA Sportland (Riga Plaza), SIA Prizma (Volvo Ledus Halle), Company Cesu Alus (OHS) and Gemoss (also OHS) and off course all the parents and players from the teams who brought us so many gifts. Last but not least a big thanks to Agnese Grundberga for making all the arrangements, appointments and translations!

Given the many gifts we received we were able to make another Orphanage happy. We choose for "Jelgavas sociālo lietu pārvalde" This is a carrying centre for kids from the age of 0-20 years. At this moment there are more than 80 kids living in that house (http://www.jelgava-soclp.lv/?sid=1&drop=1).  On Monday April 25th 2011 we drove to Jelgava and brought those kids a lot of gifts! I’m sure we made some more kids very happy! Afterwards we received an e-mail : Thank you very much for the stuff you brought.. Every thing you brought is needed. We have already devided the biggest part of the things and gave them to the different groups. But we kept also a smaller part of the things we need for the entire center and of course as presents for the children birthdays. Especially, we are thankful for the bed clothes and shoes, which are in very good condition! Thanks again from all of us and wishing you all the best! Director of Social care center of children in Jelgava - Maija”

Again, thank you all!

Orphanage and child care – “Dzeguzite”

Address: Irsi, Irsu p., Kokneses n., LV-5108

As organizers of the Riga Cup we want to adopt an Orphanage house during the Riga Cup Tournaments 2011 in Riga, Latvia. For this project we choose orphanage and child care Dzeguzite.
The orphanage „Dzeguzite” (Dzeguzite means „cuckoo”, a bird that leaves it's eggs in other birds nests) was founded on 1st July 1992. In the beginning the orphanage was established in a town called Koknese but later moved to a little village called Irsi.

The orphanage has two departments. The orphanage itself and a Crisis Centre for families. The Crisis Centre offers the possibility to leave a child at the centre for maximum 2 months if there are financial problems in the family or another crisis occurring. The family can then have the ability to solve their problems as such as they can within the 2 months, and then take the child back home. If the problems still continue then the child can be transferred to the orphanage. At this moment in time there are about 31 children from the ages of 2 to18 years old living in the orphanage and 4 are in the Crisis Centre for families. The children can live in the orphanage until they are 18 yeard old and then they leave to start to live their own lives, being financially supported by the Irsi Parish. The orphanage building is divided into three sections: one for boys, one for girls, and one for the children of the Crisis Centre. The maximum capacity of the building is 40 children. The orphanage depends on community money and donations.

Now you may wonder why is EITC-tournaments adopting an orphanage??

Last year we heard from the Managers of the Elefant Hotel that the children of this orphanage have one big wish. They want to skate!!! So we want to make their wishes true. During our Riga Cup tournaments in March / April 2011 we are planning to pick the children up by bus and take them to the Volvo Arena for some skating. After this skating adventure we will treat them with dinner (either lunch or MacDonalds ). We want to try to make this a memorable day for the children! That is the reason we want to adopt this orphanage during our tournaments. Aside from the skating, we also hope to have some extra money to donate other goods.

In August 2010 we visited the orphanage ourselves and we were in shock. The exterior of the house and gardens are beautiful, but inside, the rooms, cafeteria and common areas that the children use, are awful, and depressing. Everything is cold, chilly, bleak and broken. Not a normal bed, no personal touches to the rooms, terrible .... We need to help.  But.... we can only help them with YOUR help!! At the present, there is an urgent need for mugs, bedding (sheets, pillows and blankets or duvets), balls (all types, so football, handball and basketball), sports shoes, especially for the boys , bags, backpacks as well as sports bags or weekend bags, furniture (small tables, chairs, benches) and a music system. Luckily the Crisis area is in good condition but this is becuase this project only opened last year and has still not  been fully used yet. We have to focus on the orphanage itself.